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Together we can build a more affordable, safe, and reliable city, and we need your help! Donate now to help Mark become Ottawa's next mayor. Your donations may also be eligible for rebates.

Important rules for donating:

  1. You must be a resident of Ontario.
  2. Your donation must not exceed the individual contribution limit of $1,200 CAD.
  3. You can't make contributions exceeding a total of $5,000 to two or more candidates for office on the same council or local board.
  4. Donations must be drawn from a personal bank account (business donations are not permitted).

Further information about contributions can be found on the City of Ottawa’s website.

A word on donations from Unions and Developers:

The mayor works alongside the city’s unions, who are there to ensure workers are treated fairly, and that conditions are in place to ensure public servants can deliver and maintain city services.

The mayor also needs to engage those who build our homes, condominiums and apartments. It is critical for the city's leadership to play an active role in making market housing more affordable, and to increase the supply of, and access to, affordable rental housing.

Mark and his team will be meeting and listening to anybody with good ideas on how to address the city's housing affordability crisis, and support Ottawa's workforce. However, to ensure there is no real or perceived conflict of interest, and out of respect for both groups, the Mark Sutcliffe Campaign will not accept contributions from unions or developers. Any individual that is an owner, or an executive or a family member of these two groups is encouraged to participate in other ways, like making a contribution to the local charity of their choice.

Donation Amount:

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