Press Release

Mayor Marc Sutcliffe Announces the 2023 Draft Budget

People often think of a budget as a bunch of numbers. But a city budget is about people and neighbourhoods. It's about programs and services. And it's about intentions and priorities.

The 2023 budget:
Includes a low tax increase
• Freezes transit fares
• Invests millions of new dollars in social services to help our most vulnerable
• Protects and maintains programs and services
• Invests in our infrastructure, including repairing roads and sidewalks
• Invests in emergency services, including paramedics
• Takes important steps toward fighting climate change and building more homes
Our work is just beginning. After the budget we will initiate:
• A comprehensive strategic planning process to establish our priorities for this term of council
• A program review to find efficiencies that we can reinvest in our priorities
• A longer and more engaged process to build the 2024 budget
I'm looking forward to working with my colleagues on Ottawa city council to build a better city for everyone, a city that is safe, reliable, and affordable, a city with sustainable growth, a city that cares, a city that imagines a better future and works hard to achieve it.

For more information about the budget: