Is Catherine McKenney misleading Ottawa voters about the cost of “free” public transit?

Despite advocating for “free” transit, McKenney now says it’s not part of their plan.

Is Catherine McKenney trying to hide their support for taxpayer-funded “free” public transit from Ottawa voters?

In response to a question from another candidate at a debate last night in Kanata, the mayoral candidate claimed that that taxpayer-funded “free” public transit - which would add as much as $1,000 to the property tax bill of Ottawa residents every year - would NOT be a part of their plan.

In fact, McKenney has repeatedly supported free public transit:

Why would Catherine McKenney support a million dollar study for something they now say they do not support? Why are they now misleading Ottawa residents about where they stand on “free” public transit?

Ottawa is facing an affordability crisis. “Free” transit isn't free. It costs taxpayers millions of dollars. We need more reliable transit, including light rail that works and improved bus service. And we need honesty from politicians about their plans.

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