Catherine McKenney continues to mislead Ottawa taxpayers about “free” transit plan

McKenney’s position on free transit changes three times in less than 36 hours.

Ottawa, Ontario Despite voicing unequivocal support in April 2022, Catherine McKenney keeps changing positions on the issue of taxpayer funded free public transit.

On Tuesday night, McKenney said during a debate, “I have never promised free transit for everyone, that has never come out of my mouth.”

On Wednesday afternoon, McKenney then voiced support for free transit but claimed to have never promised “overnight, in my platform, coming in as Mayor, I would bring in free-transit.”

By Wednesday night, Catherine McKenney’s position changed again when in a tweet, McKenney said, “I have always said that we should work towards a free-fare transit.”

McKenney said they aren't promising to bring in free public transit. But that doesn't mean they won't do it anyway.

Will Catherine McKenney rule it out completely? Which position does Catherine McKenney hold, and why are they now misleading Ottawa residents about supporting taxpayer-funded “free” public transit?

Ottawa is facing an affordability crisis. “Free” transit isn't free. It costs taxpayers millions of dollars. We need more reliable transit, including light rail that works and improved bus service. And we need honesty from politicians about their plans.

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