Catherine McKenney’s Environment Announcement Short on Details, Lacking in Leadership

Greenbelt announcement shifts climate leadership away from City Hall at a time real action is leaded

Ottawa, Ontario - Today, Mayoral Candidate Mark Sutcliffe issued the following response to Catherine McKenney’s announcement to turn Ottawa’s Greenbelt into a national urban park:

“I am surprised and, like many voters, disappointed that today’s announcement is the only commitment Catherine McKenney has put forward to address climate change in our City,” said Sutcliffe. “This is a serious issue, demanding serious attention, action and leadership. This is a recycled idea that does not meaningfully tackle issues facing Ottawa’s environment.”

Sutcliffe noted that the Greenbelt is the responsibility and jurisdiction of the National Capital Commission and the federal government, not the City of Ottawa.

“There is no question we must protect the Greenbelt, and ensure that development stays within the urban boundary,” said Sutcliffe. “But taking designated greenspace, and calling it something new, is not serious climate leadership. A recycled idea does not provide solutions voters deserve, and an idea is not a plan to get things done.”

Sutcliffe noted the trend in recent announcements from Catherine McKenney to rely on other levels of government to achieve their goals. “Just as we saw with housing, and with transit, McKenney’s plan shifts the leadership to another level of government, or points blame elsewhere,” said Sutcliffe. “I think voters want a leader who will bring change to City Hall, and who will champion policies the city has control over.”

“I am running to be Mayor of Ottawa - not a federal Member of Parliament,” said Sutcliffe.

Sutcliffe pointed to his comprehensive environment plan, which was released over a month ago, which includes more than 25 specific commitments and actions that the City of Ottawa will undertake to address climate change under his leadership.

“I believe a clean, and green Ottawa is the foundation of a prosperous, growing Ottawa. As your Mayor, I’ll take practical, immediate and achievable actions to make the workings of our city more energy efficient, reduce emissions, and preserve the natural beauty of our nation’s capital.”

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