Catherine McKenney’s Status-Quo Housing Announcement Not the Ambitious Change Ottawa Needs

Today, Mark Sutcliffe offered the following statement in response to Catherine McKenney’s housing announcement:

"Catherine McKenney’s record demonstrates clear opposition to building new homes, including in the downtown core.

At a time when we need real leadership and action on all types of housing, from new homes, to affordable and community housing units, this announcement takes us in the wrong direction. It does not address how the City of Ottawa can act today to increase all forms of housing supply, and is dependent on other levels of government to lead. Asking the federal government to simply get our fair share of funding is not enough.

This announcement offers no real solutions, and it ignores the much-needed cultural change that must take place at Ottawa City Hall.

We need leadership and a plan that acknowledges we aren’t building enough homes to meet the projected growth in our population and labour force requirements. And we need a plan that will make a real and meaningful impact to grow our community housing supply.

We can keep sticking our heads in the sand, playing politics with housing, and opposing much needed development. Or we can work together to deliver housing that our children, grandchildren, newcomers and vulnerable populations need now in all parts of the city.

That cannot happen with a Mayor who says one thing and does another on housing. And it cannot happen with what Catherine McKenney announced today.

As Mayor, I want to make it possible for young people, newcomers to Canada, and seniors to stay close to their families and their work. I want them to be able to live in Ottawa and not have to move to outlying communities. We need a new approach and we need to act now to make Ottawa an affordable place to live.

Catherine McKenney’s announcement lacks both detail and ambition to make that happen.

We need fresh perspective and leadership on housing. My plan will deliver that change, and I look forward to sharing it very soon.”

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