Mark Sutcliffe on the Latest Inflation Figures Released by Statistics Canada and Ottawa’s Affordability Crisis

September 23rd, 2022 (Ottawa, ON) - Mayoral candidate Mark Sutcliffe expressed renewed concern about Ottawa’s affordability crisis in response to new inflation numbers from Statistics Canada:

The latest numbers show Ottawa residents are paying much more for food, which puts immense pressure on household budgets.

The cost of living is the top concern I hear when I meet with residents across our city. And while the City of Ottawa can’t solve the affordability crisis alone, it can make it much worse through irresponsible and unwise spending, by taking on debt, and by raising taxes and fees.

When I announced my candidacy for Mayor at the end of June, I promised I would ease the financial burden on families by being prudent with city spending and keeping taxes as low as possible.

The choice in this election is very clear.

There is one candidate who will significantly raise taxes to pay for expensive promises and aspirations including spending $250 million on new bike lanes, moving toward free public transit, and increasing spending on public transit by 20% when buses drive through our neighbourhoods almost empty.

Instead, my approach will respond directly to the affordability crisis, strengthen Ottawa’s economy, and bring fresh eyes to the city budget. I will focus on getting the basics right and keep the cost of living for residents and families top of mind when making decisions about spending and taxes.

By strengthening our local economy and putting people before ideology, we can get through the affordability crisis without cutting services or recklessly borrowing and spending money. We must make the strategic choices that improve our quality of life. I’m ready to get to work after October 24th to make life more affordable for everyone in our city.

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