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Mark Sutcliffe to Cut Recreation Fees for Families

Mayoral candidate commits to making recreation programs more accessible and affordable by cutting fees for children by 10%, overhauling the City’s broken booking system, and providing more recreation programming, including in French

Ottawa, Ontario - Mayoral Candidate Mark Sutcliffe promised to make life more affordable for families in Ottawa by cutting recreational program fees for children by 10 per cent.

“The cost of living is the top concern I hear when I meet with residents across our city,” said Sutcliffe. “While the City of Ottawa can’t solve the affordability crisis alone, we can find ways to provide relief. After two and a half years where the pandemic took a toll on children’s physical and mental health, we have to make these programs more accessible and more affordable.“

The fee reduction applies to programming offered for preschoolers, children and youth by the City of Ottawa. It will result in immediate savings for Ottawa families if Sutcliffe is elected mayor.

In addition to the registration fee cut, Sutcliffe also committed to ending one of Ottawa’s most frustrating service gaps: the city’s broken online recreational booking system.

“Signing your kids up for swimming lessons shouldn’t feel like the Hunger Games,” said Sutcliffe. “I’ve heard from too many parents who tell me that when it comes time to sign their kids up for activities, Ottawa’s online booking system crashes constantly, resulting in parents staying up until all hours of the morning, just to book swimming lessons or day camps for the summer. That’s not acceptable and we will fix it.”

As part of the overhaul, Sutcliffe said he would end the City’s 24-hour rule for booking recreational activities. “Whether it’s booking skating, swimming or fitness activities, the City of Ottawa’s booking restrictions simply don’t make sense. As Mayor, I’ll end the 24-hour rule and allow parents to book their family activities at any time,” said Sutcliffe.

Lastly, Sutcliffe noted he will look to increase recreational programs offered by the CIty of Ottawa to meet rising demand, including swimming programs and day camps. “Our city is growing rapidly, and the city services we rely on, including these programs, must also grow,” said Sutcliffe. I will also make sure we expand programming so that it meets the needs of residents, including those seeking French-language activities, which are often oversubscribed.”



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