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Mark Sutcliffe to Increase Availability of New Homes and Community Housing Supply in Ottawa

Mayoral Candidate plans for 100,000 new homes to be built, including 10,000 community housing units to make life more affordable for current and future residents and to grow the economy

Ottawa, Ontario - Mayoral Candidate Mark Sutcliffe announced his plan today to make housing more affordable in Ottawa.

Sutcliffe’s plan will deliver over 100,000 new homes in Ottawa over the next ten years with a balanced approach that prioritizes smart intensification with targeted zoning changes, respects community design plans, and does so without expanding Ottawa’s urban boundary.

“As Mayor, I will champion the building of more housing that is accessible and affordable,” said Sutcliffe. “Ottawa’s population is growing rapidly. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for our city to realize its potential for growth; to build a smart, connected city that we can all take pride in.”

Within 30 days of taking office, Sutcliffe will bring together Ottawa Community Housing, not-for-profit housing providers, homebuilders, building trades, unions, planners, colleagues and universities, citizen groups, other governments, city staff and others to create a detailed strategic plan, with concrete actions and timelines, to break down the barriers to getting the housing needed with no expansion of the urban boundary.

Sutcliffe also committed to adding 1,000 community housing units (inclusive of supportive and transitional housing) per year through targeted building incentives, zoning changes and the deployment of city lands. This represents nearly double the pace of what the City of Ottawa has been able to deliver annually in recent years. “Having a place to call home should not be a privilege,” noted Sutcliffe. “Individuals on fixed income, and those who rely on community housing, need access to affordable housing in our city.”

Sutcliffe committed to improving and streamlining the consultation and approval processes to get more housing built by breaking the political, bureaucratic, and ideological barriers and red tape that delay or cancel projects altogether. “For too long, too many politicians have said they support housing and intensification, only to oppose it when a new project in their ward comes up for approval, particularly in Ottawa’s core,” said Sutcliffe.

“I will provide the leadership and change needed on housing today and that will help our children and grandchildren realize the dream of home ownership.”

The full plan for housing can be read here.



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