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Mark Sutcliffe to increase funding to maintain and repair roads, bike lanes, and multi-use pathways

Mayoral Candidate says he will invest $100 million over four years, repairing Ottawa’s aging infrastructure to improve safety for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Ottawa, Ontario - Mayoral Candidate Mark Sutcliffe announced his plan today to improve and repair Ottawa’s crumbling roads, bike lanes, and multi-use pathways, ensuring that Ottawa’s transportation network is safe and reliable for all residents.

Sutcliffe committed to investing an additional $100 million over four years to improve, repair and maintain this critical infrastructure.

“I am an avid cyclist, runner, walker and user of public transit,” said Sutcliffe. “Everywhere I go, people are telling me that the problem isn’t just with our bike lanes, but that roads and multi-use pathways are also in desperate need of repair. We cannot prioritize bicycles over cars - we need a balanced approach that works for all of Ottawa.”

Yesterday, Catherine McKenney announced a $250 million plan that ignores the need to repair Ottawa’s roads and is exclusively focused on cycling infrastructure. Mark Sutcliffe’s plan applies to the entirety of Ottawa’s transportation network, whether you are a cyclist, pedestrian, or motorist.

“We must get the fundamentals right. Ottawa is home to two of Ontario’s worst roads; that’s not a record to be proud of. That’s why I am proposing a solution that is affordable and does not irresponsibly add to the city’s debt during an affordability crisis,” concluded Sutcliffe.

As Mayor, Mark Sutcliffe will bring a balanced approach that will respect the needs of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, ensuring that roads are safe and reliable for all of Ottawa, instead of an agenda costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars for free transit and bike lanes.



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