Catherine McKenney’s record demonstrates clear opposition to building new housing

McKenney has a long history opposing the construction of new homes and apartments, a policy that has contributed to lack of supply and an increase in home prices and rents.

Ottawa, Ontario – Catherine McKenney is set to release their housing plan this week. While McKenney claims they have “brought in new housing to build stronger communities and reduce homelessness”, their record shows clear opposition to the development and building of new homes across Ottawa. Instead of building new homes, McKenney has said in the past that they prefer to prioritize rental allowances.

In response to the federal government’s National Housing Strategy, McKenney said, “we don’t need to build new housing, they are in housing, it’s adequate, it’s the right size, it's well maintained. But they just can’t afford it.” McKenney goes on to say that they would prioritize rental allowance, while claiming that a housing allowance would save Ottawa taxpayers money.

In 2020, Catherine McKenney commissioned a poll in opposition to land development and building new homes.

Later the same year, McKenney voted against a council plan to build 23,000 new homes in Ottawa.

In 2021, Catherine McKenney again opposed a plan to expand Ottawa’s urban boundary to build more homes, a plan that would have housed more than 45,000 Ottawa residents.

There needs to be a balance between building new homes, protecting the environment and ensuring there is adequate affordable housing for those in need. As Mayor, Mark Sutcliffe will ensure Ottawa’s housing is more affordable and accessible for young people, students, seniors, those on fixed income and those in need of community or supportive housing.

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