Sutcliffe Will Not Raise Parking Fees in the Downtown Core

Mayoral candidate commits to a balanced approach that encourages people to come to our downtown, regardless of the mode of transportation they use

Ottawa, Ontario - Mayoral Candidate Mark Sutcliffe reiterated his support this morning to make downtown Ottawa more accessible for people travelling by all modes of transportation, be it car, public transit or bike.

At a debate last evening, a question was asked about whether or not candidates would support a tax on vehicles coming into the downtown core. In response to that question, mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney said, “the best way to provide for congestion charging, I believe, is to increase your parking fees in your downtown.”

“What our downtown requires now more than ever is people,” said Sutcliffe. “In my view, raising parking fees for visitors to our downtown - including places like the ByWard Market, Elgin Street, Preston Street - will discourage people, rather than encourage them to come to our downtown core,” said Sutcliffe.

“Small businesses I’ve spoken with have been clear that we need to be doing more to bring people living in suburbs into the core, particularly with fewer people commuting downtown for work. Now more than ever, we have to have a downtown that is accessible and affordable for everyone, who are travelling by all modes of transportation.”

As Mayor, Mark Sutcliffe will bring a balanced approach to transportation that respects the diverse needs of our city and how people choose to get around, be it by public transit, car, bike or walking. He will not invest a quarter of a billion dollars exclusively in bike lanes, at the expense of improving other modes of transportation.

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