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Catherine McKenney Claims There’s “No Fat” To Be Found at City Hall

Ottawa (Ontario) - After eight years on city council, Catherine McKenney is giving up on any effort to find savings or budget improvements for Ottawa taxpayers, even as households across the city review their budgets during uncertain economic times.

During an interview on CFRA, McKenney stated, “there’s just no more fat to be found” at city hall. McKenney said, “every single budget that we do today scrapes clean every department,” and that “if there were more efficiencies at the City of Ottawa they would have been found.”

When pressed if there was really no extra fat to be trimmed at City Hall, McKenney again stated, “it’s just not there, it would have been found.”

At a time when households throughout Ottawa and across the country are tightening their belts and trying to find ways to spend more wisely and make ends meet, Catherine McKenney’s approach would not only spend more, including $250 million on bike lanes, it would not attempt to find any savings. Instead, they are proposing to add hundreds of millions to the city’s debt, and raid important financial reserves we need for times of crisis and emergency.

As Mayor, Mark Sutcliffe will launch a strategic review of existing city spending, which has not been conducted since the early 2000s. Reducing work with external consultants, not filling a small number of non-essential vacant positions at City Hall, and scaling back on staff travel and conferences are just some of the ways the city can save taxpayer dollars. Sutcliffe has been clear there will be no cuts to services and no current city employees will lose their jobs. In fact, the plan calls for additional investments to be made to support our most vulnerable residents.

Catherine McKenney’s assertion that there’s “no fat” to be trimmed is exactly why new leadership and a fresh perspective is needed at City Hall.

Ottawa is in an affordability crisis, and the economic climate is incredibly uncertain. These new pressures require a fresh perspective at City Hall that will deliver value for taxpayer dollars. Mark Sutcliffe’s plan will ensure taxpayers are getting value for their hard-earned money - not deplete the city’s reserves and add hundreds of millions of dollars of debt during a period of economic uncertainty.

Kevin Page, Canada's former Parliamentary Budget Officer noted:

“In a global inflationary environment with high economic uncertainty, political leaders need to decide on a course of action that is fiscally responsible. Mr. Sutcliffe’s financial plan to hold the line on taxes and look for efficiencies is a fiscally responsible approach.”

Full details of Mark Sutcliffe’s affordability plan can be found at



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