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Mark Sutcliffe Outlines Plan to Freeze Transit Fares, Deliver More Reliable and Accountable Public Transit

Mayoral candidate will freeze transit fees for at least one year, create a public transit Passenger Pledge

Ottawa, Ontario - Today, Mark Sutcliffe outlined his plan to achieve more reliable and accountable public transportation for the people of Ottawa. The plan includes a commitment to freeze transit fares at current rates for at least one year, and to create a new Passenger Pledge that will give public transit users and residents in Ottawa greater transparency on the performance of OC Transpo.

“The people of Ottawa have lost confidence in their public transit system,” said Sutcliffe. “We need to take immediate steps to restore trust, including a full review of the system leading to meaningful improvements in service. Until we rebuild the system and deliver better service, we can’t expect users to pay higher fares. That’s especially true with affordability being such an important issue for so many families.”

Sutcliffe committed to keep transit fares at their current rate for at least one year, including the seniors' pass, Equipass, and youth rates. “The first step is to deliver reliable service, not free service,” said Sutcliffe. “We shouldn’t expect passengers to pay more without taking major steps to improve transit.”

Sutcliffe also took the opportunity to detail his plans to develop a Passenger Pledge for public transit users, to provide greater transparency on the performance of OC Transpo for riders and residents.

Currently, information is collected regularly on ridership, service availability, excessive wait times, and other performance metrics, but the reporting is several months behind, or sometimes even longer. As part of the Passenger Pledge, benchmark performance service standards would be created to bolster confidence in the system, and data gathered on performance criteria would be judged against these standards and made public on a monthly basis.

“I believe that riders and all residents deserve more real-time information on the performance of our transit system, in order to restore confidence in the system and, ultimately, demonstrate better value for users,” said Sutcliffe.

Other commitments Sutcliffe has made regarding the reliability of public transit include.

  • Double the number of instances OC Transpo presents to the City of Ottawa’s Transit Commission, from two to a minimum of four times per year.

  • Increase transparency and strengthen communications tools to give customers better up-to-the-minute information on service status. This includes supporting app developers in providing real-time data on transit access and availability.

  • Modernize and optimize OC Transpo bus service to reflect the post-Covid reality and the new travel patterns for work and help people get around their community, especially in suburban areas, so we are not running empty articulated buses.

  • Fix Para Transpo by consulting with those who depend on it to get around our city.



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