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Mark Sutcliffe Stands Up for Rural Ottawa

OTTAWA, ON - Ottawa needs a Mayor who understands how large and diverse Ottawa is, and who respects the priorities of Ottawa’s rural villages.

At a debate last night, Mark Sutcliffe stood up for Ottawa’s rural villages. He committed to be a leader who was focused on their concerns, rather than a Mayor who would bring a one-size-fits-all approach to City Hall; an approach that has left rural residents feeling like they’ve been overlooked by downtown councillors.

During the debate, fellow mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney asserted that “rural villages have a lot in common with downtown Ottawa.”

But the needs of residents downtown, or in the suburbs, or in rural Ottawa are not the same.

People in rural Ottawa are not asking for hundreds of millions of dollars on bike lanes they’ll never see.

Rural Ottawa residents want a Mayor who understands that agriculture goes beyond the Greenbelt, and is a significant part of our economy. They want a Mayor who understands roads in rural Ottawa are crumbling - and who will invest in making them better. They want a Mayor who understands how difficult it has become to find a family doctor, and who will develop a plan to bring more of them to Ottawa. They want a Mayor who will keep taxes low, so that they can continue to afford living in Ottawa if they are on a fixed income.

Mark Sutcliffe will bring a fresh perspective to City Hall and champion the unique priorities of Ottawa’s rural villages are residents of Ottawa’s rural villages - and their unique priorities - in mind.



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