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Mark Sutcliffe Will Grow the Local Economy, Make it Easier to do Business in Ottawa

Mayoral candidate unveils plan to revitalize downtown,
streamline processes at city hall, attract more talent and tourists

Ottawa (Ontario) - Mayoral candidate Mark Sutcliffe promised to draw on his extensive experience in entrepreneurship and economic development to build the local economy and make it easier to do business in Ottawa. Sutcliffe released his economic growth platform which will stimulate economic development, revitalize downtown Ottawa, and attract more talent and tourists to the city.

“A strong economy is the foundation for everything we want to accomplish together as a community,” said Sutcliffe. “A high quality of life and standard of living requires a vibrant, growing local economy. I will be a pro-growth mayor, for all of Ottawa.”

Everything we cherish - our quality of life, social services, clean air and other environmental priorities, and strong, sustainable employment for current and future generations - all depends on a strong economy. “We can’t become complacent, especially now as the city faces serious challenges including rising inflation, increasingly unaffordable housing, the shift to remote and hybrid working, and the lingering effects of the pandemic,” said Sutcliffe. "We need a mayor who is 100% committed to growing the economy and bringing the community together to achieve big things.”

In a long leadership career in business, the media, and community building, Mark has co-founded the Ottawa Business Journal, created and launched major events including the Forty Under 40 and the Best Ottawa Business Awards (BOBs). As a CEO, entrepreneur, investor and board member, he has played a prominent role in several companies, including InBusiness Media, Great River Media, Sportstats, and Thyme & Again.

Mark has also championed small business and economic development as the chair of the Ottawa Board of Trade, and as a board member at Invest Ottawa, Algonquin College, Run Ottawa and the Ottawa International Writers Festival. He also wrote a weekly business column for the Ottawa Citizen for more than 10 years.

Mark’s economic vision includes:

  • Revitalizing and transforming downtown and making ByWard Market a place people feel safe to live, work, and play again.

  • Following through on major projects including Phase III LRT, Lansdowne Park, Civic Hospital, and LeBreton Flats.

  • Simplifying the maze of processes and hurdles for businesses and homebuilders to navigate at City Hall.

  • Developing a coordinated economic development plan that gets all parts of our economy working together to do great things.

If elected mayor, Mark will:

  • Create a “one stop shop”or single window of service for businesses looking to navigate permits and other paperwork at City Hall.

  • Target tax relief for small business, by renewing the special small business commercial property tax rate measures.

  • Launch a talent summit that will bring together leaders from the business community, Invest Ottawa, the Ottawa Board of Trade, Regroupement des gens d’affaires, Ottawa Tourism, colleges and universities, and other partners to enhance Ottawa’s efforts to be a community that attracts the best and the brightest minds.

  • Work with Ottawa Tourism, tourism leaders, and other stakeholders to create one new recurring, annual cultural event in Ottawa, and a major new cultural attraction that will bring people to the city each year and create significant economic activity.

  • Improve awareness of opportunities for local small businesses to do business with the City of Ottawa through a new procurement bulletin that highlights specific opportunities and more thoroughly explains the procurement process.

If you are a voter concerned about a strong economy in Ottawa, economic growth and job creation, you have a clear choice in this election.

Catherine McKenney’s plan would discourage economic growth by raiding reserves and taking on hundreds of millions in debt to pay for risky, expensive priorities. Their approach would put the city’s financial position at risk, and make the city unattractive for investment.

Mark Sutcliffe has a 30-year record of bringing people together to solve problems and build up Ottawa. He’s built and run businesses. He’s advocated for the business community as a Board member of the Ottawa Board of Trade and Invest Ottawa. As mayor, he will make Ottawa a place where businesses and entrepreneurs thrive by keeping taxes low, protecting vital services by managing the city’s budget responsibly, and simplifying permitting at City Hall. He’s the only candidate promising to improve all forms of transportation and transit in all parts of the city, and properly invest in our emergency services to keep Ottawa safe.

Mark is focused on making Ottawa a safe, reliable, and affordable community that attracts the skilled workforce all employers in our city need to grow and thrive. He will build the housing we need, grow the economy, and do it all with a realistic and serious plan to protect our environment and reduce emissions.



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