Mayor Mark Sutcliffe | Presenting the Victor Tolgesy Award to Bill Staubi


Presenting the Victor Tolgesy Award to Bill Staubi

It was a real pleasure to present Ottawa's Bill Staubi with the Victor Tolgesy for his important efforts in championing our local arts community for years. Bill was a 24-year-old grad student when he first started collecting art. Over forty years, he’s acquired over one thousand pieces, many of them from new and emerging artists.

His passion for collecting art is matched by the many years he’s dedicated to the 2SLGBTQIA+ arts, cinema and not-for-profit sectors in Ottawa. But perhaps is greatest contribution is the generous donation of his whole collection to the city, the Ottawa Art Gallery and several other institutions, friends and artists. He is also one of our Heroes of Ottawa. Bill, thank you for your passion for the arts, for supporting young artists. And, most importantly, thank you for donating your collection so that we all can enjoy the art works you’ve assembled over the years.

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