Mayor Mark Sutcliffe | Introducing our new nightlife commissioner


Introducing our new nightlife commissioner

Ottawa's economy is at a critical point and one of my biggest priorities is to ensure we continue to have economic growth. One of our greatest opportunities is our rapidly growing nightlife economy. Today, I introduced Mathieu Grondin as our new nightlife commissioner.


Mayor Sutcliffe's remarks at the press conference June 11th, 2024.

Good morning, everyone.

It's a pleasure to welcome you all here today to introduce our new Nightlife Commissioner.

Ottawa’s economy is at a major inflection point. We are facing significant threats but also presented with enormous opportunities.

Working with partners including Invest Ottawa, the Board of Trade, Ottawa Tourism, and Regroupement des gens d’affaires, I’ve made economic development one of my greatest areas of focus.

And it is also one of the core priorities for this term of city council.

And yesterday, it was announced that Sonya Shorey will be the new CEO of Invest Ottawa – a key economic role in our city. Congratulations Sonya!

I’m very pleased with the work done by the city’s economic development department to create a plan for our nightlife economy.

As a result, Ottawa is one of the first cities in Canada to establish a nightlife commissioner.

We are now part of a global movement as cities around the world recognize the importance of supporting and growing the nightlife economy.

Cities with a robust nightlife economy don’t just have a better quality of life for residents; they have a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting talent and tourists and major events.

Now I know there has been a lot of anticipation about this role.

I’ve been asked about it a lot in the community over the past few months.

And with that anticipation are perhaps a few misconceptions about the role.

I think some people expect this to be a marketing role, for someone to generate more hype for the city, or even someone to focus as an MC for the city, attending or throwing parties.

But this role is so much more comprehensive and strategic.

The nightlife commissioner will play a leadership role in growing the nightlife economy.

He will be a policy strategist at the city. He will be an advocate for nightlife businesses.

He will ensure that we are doing everything we can to support the nightlife economy, remove barriers, stimulate growth, and much more.

The nightlife commissioner will be involved in planning, in stakeholder consultations, in reviewing and developing and implementing policies.

But I expect he will also go to a lot of events in the city as well.

For the small business owners in Ottawa’s nightlife community,

  • the restaurateurs and nightclub owners,
  • the music and theatre and comedy producers,
  • the cultural event organizers, and so many others,
  • for the artists, the musicians, the actors,
  • the people working behind the scenes,

Our new nightlife commissioner will be your champion.

The new nightlife commissioner will also work closely with other community leaders in public health, law enforcement, and community groups to ensure the success of our nightlife economy is balanced against community needs.

This position requires a deep understanding of urban policy, community engagement, and economic strategy, far beyond the scope of organizing nightlife events.

And I am happy to say that our nightlife commissioner has this understanding and more.

So I’m very pleased to introduce Mathieu Grondin as our new Nightlife Commissioner.

Mathieu brings a wealth of experience and a strategic vision that is essential for navigating the complexities of this role.

He has spent the last decade focusing on issues and opportunities for Montreal’s nightlife economy.

He founded MTL 24/24, a not-for-profit advocacy organization that supports the development of the nightlife economy in Montreal.

He created the Montreal Night council and MTL au Sommet de la nuit, along with a long list of accomplishments in this role for this sector.

I am happy to have him on board and know that the City will support him as he works to ensure our nighttime economy thrives sustainably and responsibly. 

Please join me in welcoming our Nightlife Commissioner, Mathieu Grondin.

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