Mayor Mark Sutcliffe | OC Transpo Line 1 Service Update (2023/07/28)


OC Transpo Line 1 Service Update (2023/07/28)

This is another incredibly frustrating setback for OC Transpo passengers and I share that frustration. I was planning to take the train on Monday when we hoped to gradually return to service. This is a significant disappointment.

Once again, it’s important to underscore that our first priority must be the safety of our passengers. I can assure everyone the decision to suspend the train service was not taken lightly. And the decision not to resume service on Monday was not taken lightly. But we cannot proceed without being sure the system is safe and without the conditions that Renee laid out earlier this week.

Our team of experts, after careful analysis, explicitly stated that three critical steps must be completed before we can confidently resume service.

As of yet, these criteria have not been fulfilled, and we must meet them before we take any further steps.

I remain committed to the goal of providing safe, reliable service for the people of Ottawa. It’s disappointing that we are still not in a position to do that, because of the systemic problems we are still dealing with. But I remain hopeful that with the steps we are taking now, we are addressing the permanent solutions and that one day, we will have safe, reliable service.

I want to thank the hardworking staff who have been working around the clock to find short-term and permanent solutions. Your dedication to the city and the people of Ottawa is gratefully appreciated. I want to acknowledge that some of you have had to postpone holidays and make other sacrifices to continue to work on these issues. Thank you for all you are doing.

To the people of Ottawa: I will repeat what I have said before. I, along with the leadership at city hall and at OC Transpo, will not rest until we have a train service that is safe and reliable for everyone. This latest setback is incredibly frustrating, but I believe we are taking the necessary steps to avoid these events in the future and provide the service that residents expect, the service that we all paid for.

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