Ottawa Veteran Captain Louise Siew

Ottawa native Captain (N) Louise Siew has served this country for a remarkable 35 years with the Canadian Forces, retiring as a Naval Captain in 2010. Throughout her career, Captain Siew became the first female naval officer to command the Canadian material Support Group. In fact, Louise Siew set the stage for the women who would follow her, as opportunities for women were very limited at that time.

Captain Siew was instrumental in logistics and operations during the Gulf War and the Afghanistan War and has served as Director of Security and Operations for two Governors Generals.

In retirement, Captain Siew remains involved in #TeamOttawa's larger Veteran Community sitting on the board of Friends of the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, PerleyHealth and more. And the James Siew Cricket Pitch at Linda Lane is named after her father, an avid cricket player. Thank you, Captain Louise Siew, for you serving our country. #TeamOttawa salutes you!

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