Building a better Lansdowne

There is so much energy at the PWHL Ottawa hockey games at TD Place at Lansdowne Park. It's simply amazing.

These women are representing our city so well. And we're so lucky to be one of the original six teams in this league.

Our team is playing in less than ideal conditions in an arena that's almost 60 years old. There aren't proper washrooms and other facilities and it's not fully accessible for many fans living with disabilities.

But at the new event centre that's been approved for Lansdowne Park, the women's hockey team will have the dressing rooms and other facilities that they deserve. And it will be a much more accessible site so that everyone can enjoy the experience.

Also, we'll be able to attract even more national and international events, events like the World Junior Hockey Championships, that bring so many visitors to our city.

We don't want to miss out on this big opportunity. We don't want to renege on our commitment to this wonderful women's hockey team. That's why it's so important that we keep this great project for our city moving forward.

The team at the city is working on the final design and we're looking forward to having more input from the community as we continue to build a better Lansdowne.