Hello Bonjour

Le bilinguisme à Ottawa est un point d'ancrage économique et culturel pour notre ville, ainsi qu'un élément fondamental de notre identité. C'est aussi une source de fierté pour Ottawa. Notre communauté francophone est forte et dynamique et il est essentiel qu'Ottawa soutienne le bilinguisme.

Planned Priorities

Bilingualism is a source of pride for Ottawa. We are the only national capital of a G7 country that is bilingual. Our francophone community is strong and vibrant and it is critically important that Ottawa support bilingualism. The Hello | Bonjour platform outlines the following actions to support francophones and french-language services in Ottawa:

  • Affirm and work to reinforce the city's bilingualism policy that “the City of Ottawa recognizes both official languages as having the same rights, status and privileges.”

  • Increase the amount of recreational programming offered in French, which is often over-subscribed.

  • Ensure Ottawa residents have access to francophone client personnel when accessing front line services at the city of Ottawa.

  • Ensure city services, including the Ottawa Police Service and Ottawa Community Housing provide service in both French and English

  • Ensure community service agencies that are primarily funded by the City of Ottawa offer services in French where there is demand.

  • Work closely with all bilingual and francophone educational institutions to ensure they have an open door and voice at City Hall.

  • Reinforce the Francophone policies and services at the City of Ottawa by frequently meeting with local stakeholders such as ACFO:Ottawa, MIFO, Maison de la francophonie, and more

  • Engage with the French Language Services Advisory Committee at the city of Ottawa

  • Profile the 4th round of Ottawa Bilingual Funding with 38 projects from Canadian Heritage and ACFO to strengthen the bilingual character of Ottawa

  • Support city and local stakeholders in their applications to renew Canadian Heritage funding

  • Support cultural and musical festivities that include and promote francophone programming

  • Continue to provide support to the Mouvement d'implication francophone d'Orléans in their efforts to obtain funding for their new build.