Statement from Ottawa's Faith Leaders

Dear Ottawa residents,

This week I met with a group of religious leaders from throughout Ottawa to speak about the need to work together to ensure Ottawa remains safe and peaceful and to denounce all forms of hatred and discrimination, no matter what is happening in other parts of the world.

I'm grateful to live in a city with strong faith leadership. Working together, we are releasing this Faith Leaders statement that has been signed by a number of clergy in our city. We encourage other faith leaders to add their voices to this message. Thank you.

— Mark Sutcliffe

We recognize that there is tremendous pain and grief in our city right now.

While we may not agree on everything, and at times, it may seem like we agree on very little, here in Ottawa we have a commitment that we share with every good person in the world.

We will never tolerate what is going on around the world to be used as a justification for any form of discrimination, violence or hatred in our city.

We request the wonderful residents of our beloved city to join us in calling out all forms of hatred, and to never glorify or take joy in violence. We urge everyone to never allow our ideologies, religious beliefs, or political positions to become a cause for hatred of another human being.

We are all neighbours. We stand with each other and against all forms of hate now and forever.

Faith Leaders

  • Imam Sikander Hashmi
  • Rabbi Idan Scher
  • Reverend Dr. Anthony Bailey
  • Archbishop Marcel Damphousse
  • Right Reverend Shane A.D. Parker
  • Imam Ismail Albatnuni
  • Imam Rashid Al-Qasmi
  • Imam Mohammed Badat
  • Reverend Stephanie Bates
  • Rabbi Menachem M. Blum
  • Reverend Elizabeth Bryce
  • Reverend Doctor Teresa Burnett-Cole
  • Reverend Steve Clifton
  • Reverend Brian Cornelius
  • Imam Zijad Delic
  • Cantor Jason Green
  • Reverend Eric Hebert-Daly
  • Imam Ahmed Khalil
  • Rabbi Aryeh Kravetz
  • Imam Anver Malam
  • Bishop Yvan Mathieu
  • Imam Samy Metwally
  • Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn
  • Rabbi Daniel Mikelberg
  • Imam Muhammad Suliman
  • Reverend Jennifer Power
  • Reverend David Sherwin
  • Imam Myloud Tajri
  • Imam Owais Tilly
  • Reverend Carla Van Delen
  • Reverend Sandra Yule
  • Reverend Elaine Beattie
  • Reverend Andrew Jensen
  • Reverend Paul Dillman
  • Reverend Cindy Casey
  • Reverend Dr. Frank Emanuel
  • Reverend Dr. Jon Martin
  • Archdeacon Rhonda Waters
  • Reverend Geoffrey Chapman
  • Reverend Michael Garner
  • Reverend Jenni Leslie
  • Reverend Ed Gratton 
  • Venerable Monique Stone
  • Archdeacon Mark Whittall
  • Father Alex Michalopulos
  • Reverend James E. Pot
  • Rabbi Dara Lithwick
  • Reverend Canon Gary van der Meer
  • Reverend Dr. Caroline Ducros
  • Reverend Ryan Farrell
  • Reverend Grant Stuckless 
  • Bhai Manmohan Singh
  • Reverend Carolyn Seabrook 
  • Hon. Kofi Oppong Owusu
  • Imam Farhan Iqbal
  • Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl, C.M.
  • Reverend Dr. Karen Dimock
  • Reverend Peter Woods
  • Mark Peterkins
  • Reverend Steve Stewart
  • Reverend Dr. Gregory MacRobbie
  • Reverend Douglas Ward
  • Reverend Lorrie Lowes
  • Jason Byers
  • Reverend Kim Vidal
  • Reverend Bob Davies
  • Reverend Dan Wallis
  • Dr. Daniel MacKinnon
  • Rabbi Steven Gotlib
  • Pastor David Hood
  • Reverend Colin McFarland
  • Reverend Omid Azgomi
  • Reverend Denise Allen-Macartney
  • Reverend Meg Patterson
  • Reverend Grant Wilson
  • Reverend Paul Wu
  • Pastor Ken Roth
  • Reverend Joshua Wang
  • Pastor Dan Chook Reid
  • Reverend Eric Versluis
  • Reverend Deacon Steven Zytveld
  • Reverend Christopher Clarke
  • Pastor Dave Whitecross
  • Reverend Daryold Winkler

To have your name added please email: mark.sutcliffe@ottawa.ca